Thursday, January 12, 2023, Ed Dowd, Executive Director of the Mattoon Chamber of Commerce was a guest on 101.3 WMCI.  Here is a brief description of what he covered during the interview:

  1. More things are coming to Mattoon in 2023. The Warren James Winery should be completed sometime this spring. They will have a 26 acre vineyard and pollinator area. They will have walking trails through the vineyards and will have bee hives to make Mead along with traditional California variety wines. They will not be able to produce wine locally until year 4 of growing grapes, however, they will carry many wines, craft cocktails and bar items all year round.
  2. Streetscaping project The City of Mattoon was able to secure a grant to finish the downtown Broadway Avenue Streetscaping project from 14th and Broadway to 16th and Broadway this spring and summer. It will be very similar to the 1700 block through the 1900 block of Brioday and will greatly enhance teh downtown experience. Especially with the addition of the new pocket park in the former Shores jewelry location which is now just a vacant lot.

Listen to the complete interview here: