The 2018 Chamber Golf Classic
Triskaidekaphobia, paraskevidekatriaphobia, or friggatriskaidekaphobia?

Alphabet soup? No, this is our Annual Golf Classic which will be held on Friday July 13th at the Mattoon Golf and Country Club. Our volunteer Chamber Golf Committee decided to utilize a Friday the 13th theme. We looked into marketing this theme and our first question was what do we want to call it? Hence, the aforementioned alphabet soup underlined above. These are terms for fear of the number 13 and fear of Friday the 13th. I think we should have one of the games at the Golf Classic be whoever can name all three terms correctly on their first try wins a free round of golf!

We have a lot of fun in store for our Golf Classic this year. The Mattoon Golf and Country Club will be hosting our event.  Player registration and our putting contest will begin at 10:30am. Lunch will be at 11:00am served al fresco or in the Clubhouse. We will have a Shotgun start at 12pm. After the event, dinner will be served including ribeye sandwiches and an assortment of fruit and salads.

Our putting contest, which is free to all golfers who sign up, will follow our theme. The first three putts will be 13 feet. The last putt will be 13′ 13″. Each golfer will have 6 putts to make all four holes. Any golfers to make all 4 putts in 6 holes will enter a playoff. The closest to making all 4 holes again will win a fantastic prize of $1,313.13. We will also have the “Friday the 13th” Putting Contest for $1,000. Each golfer will get one chance to land a putt from 13 yards, 13 feet and 13 inches. Of course, going under ladders and navigating broken mirrors might be obstacles to completing the putt. Players who make the putt will enter a playoff. The player who putts the closest in the playoff will win the $1,000 prize. The first putt is free to all players; each additional chance will be $5.

Consolidated Communications has agreed to be our Platinum Title Sponsor. KC Summers will be offering a car or truck to anyone who can sink a hole-in-one on the par 3 sixth hole and Niemeyer Repair Services will be offering a 4 wheel Kubota RTV 500 to anyone who can sink a hole-in-one on the par 3 eleventh hole. We will have many other fun and exciting contests throughout the course.

We have many other sponsorship opportunities available with a sign-up form included in this newsletter. For those of you wanting to play in our event, we have a registration form included in this newsletter. Space is limited so sign up your foursome early!  Not a golfer? You can pick up one or multiple raffle tickets for the low price of $10 each. The raffle grand prize is $3,000 and the drawing will be during the dinner portion of our Classic. You do not need to be present to win.

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